Seemac Advantage

Quality is not just a slogan but a need for us since there is discerning numerous customers who pay a good price for the product. Seemac Solar has imbibed quality into its thinking & implementation process : Be it Design, Manufacturing, Packing , Logistics, Sales or Customer service. The efficacy of our quality system is evident with the growth in sales. When we consider our core portfolio Home Lighting systems every satisfied customer talks about the quality of our product and to the pride of our saga we installed 75,000 nos. of our products across India. Seemac Solar has a comprehensive Quality Assurance Program initiated right from incoming raw materials, in process controls and up to final product inspection.

GREEN No pollution and emission

ABUNDANT Most abundant resource of clean energy

MODULAR Can be up-scaled or down-scaled and easily replaced as per need

EASE IN SHIFTING Unlike other power generation methods,can be moved around.

SCALABLE From 0.5 KW to 500 MW deployments

Boom For Investors

Great option for tax planning for
corporates & individual investors

Income from Solar is
100% tax free

Allows 80% Accelerated
depreciation in the first year

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