Solar Power Plant

Hybrid Solar Power Plant

Product Description

SOLAR HYBRID SYSTEMS ARE A COMBINATION OF SOLAR AND GRID POWER . SOLAR POWER IS USED AS PRIMARY SOURCE OF POWER . IN CASE OF LOW SUN RADIATION OR IN CLOUDY DAYS , WHEN SOLAR CHARGING IS LESS , BATTERIES ARE BEING CHARGED THROUGH A.C. MAINS . The additional benefit of HYBRID system is that being cost effective ( since the battery bank size shall be less by almost 40 % ) . it provides reliable power even in the adverse weather conditions, seasonally low radiations or unpredictable increased demand of Power. The HYBRID system is essential energy source in rural & remote areas of reliable power with low maintenance for long time. Here are some of the main modules offered under the hybrid system . Hybrid systems are more use full in urban areas , as GRID POWER is available as secondary source .

  • Residential System- Supplies for Individual Houses, Bungalows or entire residential societies.
  • Home Lighting Systems- Basic supplies for individual huts.
  • Commercial System- Supplies for Water treatment, Telecom & other Industrial usage.
  • Street & Garden Lighting System- Supplies for Roads & Highways and housing

Services Offered

  • Site survey
  • System Designing
  • Preparation of D.P.R
  • Supply, Installation & Testing of Power Plant.
  • Supply of Solar Pannels, Invertor, Batteries, Module Mounting Structure.